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S u p e r n a t u r a l

Angie stalked into her apartment, slamming the door. The 23 year old buxom brunette was extremely tired of bad men, bad dates, and bad sex. It didn’t seem like there was one guy out there who actually knew how to please a woman… or if there were, they were all already taken by other women.

Being single was just so frustrating!!! Tonight had been another example of a crappy blind date, who took her to a bad restaurant, and then back to his apartment where he heaved and bucked on top of her without so much as a pleasured moan from her!

Not only that, but he’d been completely oblivious to the fact that his performance had fallen far short of stellar, afterwards he’d actually wanted to be complimented and cosseted. Fuck that. She’d left after he’d started telling her what a frigid bitch she was for not being able to enjoy his lackluster jack-rabbit fucking.


“Dammit,” she muttered. So much for hopes that a date would finally mean an orgasm that she wouldn’t have to give herself, and now her damn vibrator was out of batteries, AGAIN.

Looking up at the ceiling she exclaimed loudly, “What I wouldn’t give for one decent fuck! Just one, I don’t even care who it’s from at this point, just one damned decent fuck that gets me off!”

Tossing the useless vibrator back into its drawer, she got into bed and used her fingers to get herself off. Considering her less than happy state, it wasn’t really the best orgasm in the world. Muttering, frustrated, she tossed and turned, finally falling asleep completely naked.

At midnight the air at the foot of her bed stirred, slowly forming into a tall, dark figure. Black as night, the creature chose to take the form of a large, muscular and handsome man, but it couldn’t do anything about the glowing red of its eyes.

A minor detail. It yanked the covers from the sleeping beauty, and grabbed her ankles as she suddenly started awake, unsure of what was happening.

Seeing the dark form looming over her, the red of its eyes glowing maniacally at her, she screamed in complete terror.

“Now that’s not very nice,” the creature had a low, hissing voice, “Here I am, to fulfill your wish and all you can do is scream at me.”

Gathering her courage Angie asked, “My wish?”

“One ‘damned’ decent fuck that gets you off, yes I believe that was your wish,” the creature smiled evilly as her mouth worked without actually making a sound, “And here I am to fulfill it.”

Angie found that she couldn’t struggle, or scream anymore as the human-looking creature lowered its hands to her breasts, squeezing them hard and caressing the nipples to bring them to hardness. It grinned at her as her body responded without her will.

The poor girl felt ready to faint, although she was half sure that everything happening was a dream, so she didn’t know how it would be possible to pass out when she was dreaming.

The creature spread her legs wide, and started to lower its head, a long forked tongue flicking out of its mouth towards her pussy as it bent down, making Angie want to scream in terror. It seemed as though the noise in her head was just one long terrified scream as the long tongue licked her from her ass to the top of her pussy.

Then the creature’s tongue split at the fork as she watched in

horrified fascination, the thicker part of its tongue slid into her wet pussy hole, the thinner part working its way into her tight ass.

As both parts slid all the way into her holes, wriggling inside of each of them, Angie couldn’t help but start to feel aroused at the unexpected and strange new sensations that the creature’s tongue was eliciting from her body. She wiggled a little as the tongues probed her holes, her pussy starting to get wet with her musky sweet juices.

Once she was wet, the creature pulled its tongues out of her, satisfied, and as it pulled them back into its mouth the tongues merged back into one forked tongue.

Smiling, the creature told her, “Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy this quite a lot… and I can do something your puny human males can’t.” It glanced down at its crotch, and Angie’s gaze followed it.

She gasped as the monstrous cock pointing out of its groin split, just as the tongue had, into one very large cock on top and a slightly smaller one beneath it. Grinning, the creature watched as Angie’s mouth opened in a silent scream as it pulled her body towards it, her legs spread wide, holes open and vulnerable.

In two swift thrusts, the creature had her body impaled on its cocks, as she moaned and gasped with the pain of her pussy and ass stretching around the large shafts. She felt stuffed full, like a pastry with too much filling, her ass in particular was screaming protest at the invasion.

Laughing, the creature began to thrust in and out of her body, making it flop and jerk on the bed as the huge cocks pummeled her holes, big breasts bouncing wildly on top of her body. Reaching forward, the creature took hold of her breasts, using them to pull her body on and off its cocks and she cried out as the pain shot though her breasts now too..


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