Chestnut Angel

It was supposed to rain all day yesterday, at least according to the weather gremlins living in my iPhone. Imagine our surprise when the sun came out instead and the day turned out to be pretty nice. We opened the windows to get some fresh air in the house, and I took Olga to the ….  Read More

Capital of Strip Clubs?

The New York Times had¬†an article¬†Thursday about strip clubs in my hometown, Tampa, gearing up for the Republican National Convention. Apparently Republicans spend nearly three times as much at strip clubs during their conventions as Democrats do at theirs — at least, according to the rather loose research cited by the Times. Somehow I’m not ….  Read More

Hello world!

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Best Survey Sites in Sweden (2019) | Make Money Online

In this thread, we will talk about the best 5 survey sites across Sweden which pays the best than the rest. These websites are well known and have been in the market research industry from many years which makes them highly trusted websites with good payouts in Sweden.  Here goes the list of top 5 ….  Read More

Best Gaming Laptops In India (2019)

When you want to play high-end graphics games then it becomes somehow impossible for your normal laptop to process those high spec graphics and give you great gaming experience. This is the point where gaming laptop comes in action to rescue your great gaming experience. A gaming laptop is an upgraded version with enhanced ram ….  Read More

Top 12 Survey Sites for Quick Bucks

There are numerous survey sites across the web and it’s bit difficult to choose from a large pool of popular survey websites. For making this task easier, here goes the list of top 12 survey websites for quick bucks that you can trust upon and start earning through it today. 1. SwagbucksSwag bucks is the ….  Read More

Free Trial Offers That Will Help You Build Skillset

A lot of product and software companies provide a trial version of their latest offering in order to create a buzz about their product in the market and creating a memorable impact in the consumer’s mind which will help their product and brand to grow further. Here goes the list of few Free trial offers ….  Read More